The Times They Are a Changin’ In College Athletics

Photo in front of a stadium of a large sculpture of the NCAA logo, consisting of "NCAA" in all capital letters and in blue

Photo Credit: The Sports World Begins To React To California’s Fair Pay To Play Act, Forbes (Sept. 30, 2019),

By: Cobb Bostick
Executive Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

The landscape of college athletics could be on the verge of a major shift in policy.  The debate over whether or not college athletes should be paid has been a popular topic of conversation through the years.   Continue reading “The Times They Are a Changin’ In College Athletics”

Why do Emerging Sports Leagues Fail?

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By: Dylan Scilabro
Articles Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

Baseball has tried, football has tried, and basketball has tried. All three sports have attempted to offer an alternative to the major leagues, and they have all failed. But, why? Continue reading “Why do Emerging Sports Leagues Fail?”