Are We in a Jail Health Care Crisis?

Photo of medical professional in scrubs taking an inmate's blood pressure with an blood pressure cuff through a slightly larger opening in a jail cell gate

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By: Savannah Pelfrey
Member, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

            Telemedicine is a phenomenon within the health care world that is presumed to have started within the last decade; however, its history within the prison industry started much earlier.[1] Continue reading “Are We in a Jail Health Care Crisis?”

Alabama’s Amended Hospital Lien Laws

Image of the text of Ala. Code §§ 35-11-371, 35-11-372 fading into an image of hundred dollar bills with a red transparent banner that reads "Hospital Liens" in white lettering

Photo Credit: Texas Senator Submits Bill to Allows Hospitals to Continue Scamming Patients, Moore L. Firm, (last visited Dec. 4, 2019).

By: Lauren Wiggins
Research and Writing Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

Medical bills are a primary source of damages that personal injury suits seek to recover.  Those bills can be astronomical when such an injury requires treatment at a hospital whether through a few hours in the emergency department or an extended period of hospital admission.

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