American Children Are Under Sexual Attack

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Written By: Heather Sutton
Member, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

          Considering the recently exposed Epstein fiasco, exempt registration status laws in California for sex with minors (subject to limitations), and the large-scale dissemination of the “social commentary” Cuties’ by Netflix, a discerning and concerned citizen can reach no conclusion other than—American Children are under Sexual Attack. Continue reading “American Children Are Under Sexual Attack”

Creating Precedent in Sex Trafficking Litigation

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Written By: Landon Whatley
Student Materials Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

          Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post giving a brief overview about sex trafficking litigation against hotels and motels circulating the United States.[i]  Section 1595 of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (“the Act”) provides a private right of action for sex trafficking victims against the traffickers and those who knowingly financially benefited or received any value from the trafficking.[ii]  At the time of my first post, the Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation recently denied transfer of twenty-one different actions in twelve different districts to a centralized location. Continue reading “Creating Precedent in Sex Trafficking Litigation”

Enough is Enough: Hotels and Motels Profiting from Sex Trafficking Must Stop Here

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By: Landon Whatley
Junior Associate Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

The United States enacted the Trafficking Victim’s Protection Act of 2000 (“TPVA”) as its first major move to combat human trafficking both domestically and worldwide.[1]  Continue reading “Enough is Enough: Hotels and Motels Profiting from Sex Trafficking Must Stop Here”