Creating Precedent in Sex Trafficking Litigation

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Written By: Landon Whatley
Student Materials Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

          Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post giving a brief overview about sex trafficking litigation against hotels and motels circulating the United States.[i]  Section 1595 of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (“the Act”) provides a private right of action for sex trafficking victims against the traffickers and those who knowingly financially benefited or received any value from the trafficking.[ii]  At the time of my first post, the Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation recently denied transfer of twenty-one different actions in twelve different districts to a centralized location. Continue reading “Creating Precedent in Sex Trafficking Litigation”

Mile High Crime: Selecting Venue for Crimes Committed on an Aircraft

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Written By: Alex Messmore
Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

What happens when a crime is committed on an airplane mid-flight?

          In 2017, airlines carried 4.1 billion passengers on flights around the world.[1]  With 4.1 billion people, there is bound to be some “turbulence” on board.[2]  With that being said, where exactly do charges need to be brought when crime occurs mid-flight? Continue reading “Mile High Crime: Selecting Venue for Crimes Committed on an Aircraft”