Trying Cases to Win: The Legacy of Judge Herbert J. Stern

John J. Davis

The full article will be available to read soon in the forthcoming 43:1 issue of the American Journal of Trial Advocacy.


           For almost half a decade one of the most popular shows on television was the drama series, The Sopranos, which told the story of fictional mob boss Tony Soprano.  Most viewers, however, probably were not aware of the real-life mobster upon whom the character of Tony Soprano was based: Anthony “Tony Boy” Boiardo.  Boiardo was the mafia boss of Newark, New Jersey.  “Tony Boy” Boiardo is not the only mafia figure prosecuted by Stern.  Stern also prosecuted Angelo “GYP” DeCarlo who was made famous recently by Christopher Walken’s portrayal of him in the movie Jersey Boys, which was based on the Tony Award winning Broadway show of the same name.  Stern’s professional legacy is two-fold: as a trial lawyer he prosecuted more corrupt public officials in the state of New Jersey before or since; as a federal judge and trial lawyer he has trained thousands of lawyers in the art of trial advocacy through both books and video presentations which he has rightfully called “Trying Cases to Win.”