Ransomware’s Attack on the Healthcare Industry: Privacy & Security Issues

Photo Credit: https://www.csoonline.com/article/3261093/ransomware-healthcare-and-incident-response-lessons-from-the-allscripts-attack.html (last visited Aug. 15, 2020).

Written By: Mitchell J. Surface
Online Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

          Ransomware is the “fastest growing malware threat.”[1]  In 2019, it generated $7.5 billion in attacks against businesses.[2]  Ransomware “refers to a type of malware [malicious software] used by attackers that first encrypts files and then attempts to extort money in return for the [decryption] key to unlock the files by demanding a ‘ransom.’” Continue reading “Ransomware’s Attack on the Healthcare Industry: Privacy & Security Issues”