From Zealous Advocating to Bar Sanctions: Ethical Considerations in Negotiations

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Written By: Hannah Trucks
Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

          Many people have a mental image of what they picture an attorney to be. Some picture Elle Woods’ cross-examining Chutney’s alibi of washing her hair directly after getting it permed with the infamous line “the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you are forbidden to wet your hair for at least 20 hours after getting a perm.”[1] Others picture Vinny Gambini successfully positioning Mona Lisa as an automotive expert, ultimately winning an acquittal for his clients.[2] While modern television and cinema oftentimes only show the trial aspect of an attorney’s role, an attorney does so much more than cross-examine, fight objections, or maneuver their way around the courtroom. Continue reading “From Zealous Advocating to Bar Sanctions: Ethical Considerations in Negotiations”