Looking Back on Alabama’s 2019 Legislative Session

Photo of the Alabama State House showing the latin phrase "audemus jura nostra defendere" in a banner over the words "Alabama State House" in all caps

Photo credit: Legislative Services Agency, http://lsa.state.al.us/

By: Sarah Tindle
Member, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

Many hot topics from medical marijuana to chemical castration were considered by the State of Alabama’s Legislature during the 2019 Legislative Session.  The Legislature met for twenty-eight of its thirty allowed days prior to adjourning sine die[1] on May 31, 2019, thereby ending the 2019 Regular Legislative Session.[2]  Continue reading “Looking Back on Alabama’s 2019 Legislative Session”

First Time DUI Convictions in Alabama

Photo Credit: http://www.dracutpersonalinjury.com/rights-hit-drunk-driver/

By: Jordan Godwin
Interim Business Committee Chair, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious crime that the State of Alabama does not take lightly. Generally, a person cannot be in “physical control” of a vehicle if: (1) a person’s blood has 0.08% or more by weight of alcohol;[1] Continue reading “First Time DUI Convictions in Alabama”