Full Moon, Full Breakfast, and Full Costs

Photo Credit: Mark Theoharis, How Much Are Legal Fees? – Costs of Hiring Different Types of Lawyers, Money Crashers, https://www.moneycrashers.com/legal-fees-hiring-lawyer-costs (last visited Mar. 20, 2019).

By: Gray Gilmore
Associate Editor, American Journal of Trial Advocacy

Because of the high cost of litigation, Congress allows for a party to recover costs as awards. Specifically, there are six categories of litigation expenses that qualify as costs, and parties are limited to these categories unless another federal statute provides otherwise.[1] Nowhere in the general costs statute allows for a cost award to include litigation expenses, such as jury consulting, expert witnesses, and e-discovery.[2] Continue reading “Full Moon, Full Breakfast, and Full Costs”

Concussion Litigation Leading Insurers to Discontinue Coverage for Head Injuries in Football

Photo Credit: Woodruff Health Sciences Center (2017). Emory physicians care for Atlanta Falcons on their journey to the Super Bowl. Available at: http://news.emory.edu/stories/2017/01/emory_docs_head_to_superbowl/ [Accessed 23 Feb. 2019].

By: Catherine Collins
Member, American Journal of Trial Advocacy


Recently, ESPN released an article addressing an emerging issue which could potentially endanger the sport of football.[i] The article and coverage on ESPN’s Outside the Lines explains the dissolving insurance market in the contact sports realm regarding coverage for concussions and other head related injuries.[ii] The NFL no longer has general liability insurance covering traumatic head injuries, and only one insurance provider remains in the market for such coverage.[iii] Continue reading “Concussion Litigation Leading Insurers to Discontinue Coverage for Head Injuries in Football”